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A while back, I complained about the quill stop on my Rockwell drill press.
Well, this time it’s an incredibly poorly machined fence.

I borrowed a Shop Fox brand Hollow Chisel Mortising machine from a friend. This is not a high end tool. But still, one would think the mfr could to a little better job.

Shop Fox Bench top mortiser

the company's image

This is the company’s image. Notice how nice and level that white fence is. (admittedly, the white fence is hard to see on a white background.)

Here’s what my friend’s fence looks like:

Shop Fox Mortiser fence

Not nearly as straight as the other pic

Now the reason this fence isn’t straight is because the two flats machined on the rear support/adjustment rod aren’t machined perpendicular to each other.

my square shows how off these flats are

So, when you tighten down the lock knob, it twists out of square.

Now, I will say that I didn’t have any problems with the whacky fence. It’s just that such poor machining gives one an idea of the attention to detail these “fine Chinese” tools are held to.

I have a set of Shop Fox roller supports that failed because of the puny spot welds meant to hold the rollers to the stand. (height adjustment knob failed too.)

Needless to say, I would never again buy a Shop Fox tool, nor recommend them.


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