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Several weeks ago I watched a video from “The Wood Whisperer”. It’s a podcast on woodworking by Marc  Spagnuolo.  His podcasts  contain good information for beginners & intermediate woodworkers, but for an old goat like me who “knows it all”,  Marc’s postcasts are interesting but not that informative — Remember, I already know it all. ;-)

But then he made his video on making a cross cut sled for the table saw. Its. Really. Good. I. Learned. Things.  (link below) Most informative for me was how he squared it to the blade and a cool way for safely cutting multiple small parts.

The Wood Whisperer’s cross cut sled video

Anyway, give it a look. If you’ve never used a cross cut sled, you should. It’s a lot better than the standard miter guage. I have about seven of them, each doing different duty.

The only thing I would add is a pair of hold down clamps to keep your wood from moving.

Toggle Clamp

DeStaco brand Toggle Clamp


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