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When I was a little younger (about 32 years ago), my two year old son, Brad, was enjoying a cup of yogurt. Enjoying it to the point that I pulled out the Nikon and took a few pictures.  They turned out nice enough that my Mom-in-law still has a set of them hanging in her house — and, of course, we have a set in our photo album (remember photo albums? It’s where you used to put your snapshots before facebook, youtube, etc.)

Brad enjoying yogurt-1

Brad eating yogurt-2

Brad eating yogurt-3

Brad eating yogurt-4

Now understand these pictures were 35mm color film, so they’re a little fuzzy and after 32 years, a little dusty too. But being his dad, I think they’re cute!

Now my son pictured above, is 34 and a father of an almost 1 year old Riley. Being a photographer, Dad would be in the poor house if he had to use film to shoot all the pictures of my grandson that he’s shot.

Thinking of the above series of shots, Brad decided to do the same “for” Riley. They’re a little cuter but they do show my son’s slant on things ;-)  Instead of yogurt, Riley’s getting his first taste of Lime.

"I'm going to get you for this, Dad!"


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It’s amazing! I have a little more room in my shop.  I got the computer station finished up and installed with the help of a friend who knows installation.  I’m glad I had his help. I am surprised at how out of plumb or square the room is, considering that it’s a new addition. From wall forward, the floor drops by 1/4″ in 24″.  across the width of the alcove the floor has a hump in the middle that is matched by a bump out from the wall. It required a lot of shims to get the “toe kick” leveled for the cabinets. Then, in addition, the windows slope from right to left by close to 1/2″ over 13-1/2 ft. (This is greater than the slope in the floor.) Wouldn’t be a problem but for the fact that the desk top barely fit under the window trim. I had 1/8″ clearance on the left hand side and had to re-level the toe kicks to get that much clearance.

The outlet holes lined up pretty good because I had made a full size template of the outlets before cutting the cabinet backs. I have to admit the holes are a stark contrast to the cabinet backs but the client seems to be ok with it. I suggested sliding covers but with plugs in the outlets, the covers would probably have to be in the opened position anyway.

Here are some picts:

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