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The night lights did get done in time to put in the Art Center’s xmas show. I spray the frames separately from the curved shade pieces. The frames for the most part are sprayed black. The shades are first sprayed with Zinser Seal Coat shellac. The shellac brings out the color and pattern of the veneers. They are sanded and then placed into the finished frames. Then I apply a clear finish coat of the Enduro Poly.

Night lights sprayed- & assembled

Night-lights sprayed & assembled


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Down to the wire and only a few days late :-p  Applied the last of the finish today. Finish schedule isn’t too complicated — after all, I need to keep the cost down.  I don’t have picts of the finishing process as it’s hard to hold a spraygun in one hand a lamp in the other and take a picture with the third hand.

Finish schedule consists of a spray coat of dye stain from a NYC company, WD Lockwood. One can get the identical dye powders from Woodworkers’ Supply of NM labeled Mosers. Then a Sealer coat; Sand; Spray a color (toner) coat of the same dye powder mixed in top coat; then a final clear coat of a waterbased poly.

I use General Finish’s Enduro Waterbased Sealer and their satin “Poly”.  The Enduro finish has proven to be the least grain raising of all the WB finishes I’ve tried over the years. I mix my water soluble dye powder in GF’s “Natural” waterbased stain. It’s a clear stain (Is that an oxymoron?) that I use as a stain base.

I realized I didn’t put in pictures of the shades. The shade frame is just as complicated (or more) to make as the body of the lamp. so I often cut up a lot of parts at once.

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